BMW Group is a listed automobile and motorcycle manufacturer with its headquarters in Munich, Germany. Its product range includes BMW cars and motorcycles, the Mini, Rolls-Royce car brands plus the BMW sub-brands BMW-M and BMW-i.

Eagle Actuator Components is a company specialising in actuators for fuel vapour management in automotive applications.

For over 30 years Siliko d.o.o. has been involved in the development and design, production and supply of technical products manufactured of elastomers and thermoplastics. Their expertise also includes the manufacture and supply of tooling for those said products.

TI Fluid Systems is a development partner and supplier of thermal management systems (e.g. air conditioning and coolant lines) and fuel tank systems for diesel, gasoline (petrol), flex-fuel, and hybrid vehicle applications required to meet the complex assembly, design and performance specifications of the automotive industry.

Tucker GmbH is part of the industrial division of Stanley Black & Decker Corporation. The company develops, manufactures, and distributes fastening and joining technology in the automotive and other industries.

Veritas AG focuses on fluid, thermal and seal management. The internationally active company has its headquarters in Gelnhausen (Hessen). It is a leading supplier of application-specific materials and new materials.

VOSS develops system solutions for the automotive industry. Composed of customised lines, connecting elements, valves and sensors, VOSS offers customer-specific ready-to-install modules for fluid systems.

Allgaier Automotive division sees itself as a system supplier for the international automotive industry. The global orientation of the division has locations in the south and east of Germany, in France, Mexico and China. This ensures a high degree of flexibility with uniformly high-quality standards worldwide.

Forschner supplies globally active companies that play leading roles in their specific industries. With products for e-mobility, cabling systems, SCR systems and electromechanical systems. Forschner also provides development support FOR-tech.

Köhler Automobiltechnik GmbH is a capable and efficient Tier 1 supplier and development partner of the automobile industry. Köhler Automobiltechnik specialises in the field of complex metal forms for vehicle components and innovative safety systems of fuel tanks.

John Guest is a UK manufacturer of push-in fittings, pipe and plastic plumbing systems and is an integral part of Reliance Worldwide Corporation™ (RWC). Its industries and applications include drinks dispensing systems, plumbing, pneumatics, compressed air systems, water purification, automotive and telecommunications.