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CAD-Technik Kleinkoenen GmbH - Muenchen

The owner-managed company CAD-Technik Kleinkoenen GmbH designs and develops its offering using CATIA™ V5 and NX. From the outset, the development of fuel supply systems has been our company’s focus. Meanwhile, our service offering also includes development tasks in the automotive field of exhaust systems, cooling systems, pipe runs, and other topics. Moreover, our repertoire includes development services in the aerospace field.

Therein, various CA tools are in use, via which both package and mounting investigations (with CATIA™ DMU) can be created as well as detailed designs. Furthermore, we are competently with the simulation and calculation of the container ventilation, as well as the filling and removal situation.

Due to our long-term experience in construction we competently support you. With our team, we can individually develop individual parts and components and modules as well as complete systems for your project. In a customer-oriented manner, we assist you with innovative ideas in the following areas:

  • Fuel system/ line
  • Activated carbon filter
  • Fastening technology
  • Moulded parts
  • Interior systems
  • Exhaust systems
  • Aerospace
  • Bodywork development

In close cooperation, we develop customised, constructive solutions for various project workflows. In the face of constant challenges, we are continuously growing in order to efficiently and successfully implement your visions.

Therein, our portfolio covers the following areas:

  • Package investigations
  • Concept design
  • Meetings and coordination
  • Costs and production processes
  • Tolerance calculation
  • Component detailing --
  • Change management
  • Material determination
  • Preparation of drawings and overviews
  • Data quality
  • Approvals and documentation

Calculation / Simulation

CAD-Technik Kleinkoenen GmbH - Muenchen

For discovering the potential of an innovation at an early stage we rely on various simulation tools. As a consequence you are not investing time and money in advance. Already in the early development stages, we can make statements regarding the component behaviour, flow conditions, or even regarding the swash slope of containers through the application of such tools.

If desired, our employees take over of both the planning and implementation and documentation of these simulations and calculations.

Through the static simulation of the filling and venting of containers, various level surfaces can be determined. Without having to perform extensive hardware tests, conclusions about the static behaviour of liquids in containers when filling and emptying can thus be obtained.

As the link between the design and validation, this important step already provides crucial information about the possibilities for component assessment early on.

  • Simulation of flows (CFD)
  • Simulation of fluid movements
  • Simulation static tank ventilation
  • Calculation of natural frequencies
  • Calculation of component strength (FEM)

Hedging / Test

CAD-Technik Kleinkoenen GmbH - Muenchen

As a system hedge, we offer our customers detailed tests so as to be able to analyse defective parts and to ensure reliability. In addition to the hedging of fuel supply systems and their components, we carry out the conversion of test vehicles and the setup of test mounts.

Starting with the planning phase down to the implementation and documentation of the component and system tests, our team autonomously carries out the entire hedge. By using professional metrology at bench and road tests as well as trials, we can make recommendations to the maturity and improvement of the system, at the end.

In close cooperation with you, we are able to represent the appropriate hedge solutions for various project sections. Throughout the entire process flow, we are at your disposal for the successful implementation:

  • Planning and assistance in the procurement of metrology
  • Creation of test plans and handbooks
  • Assistance with model builds
  • Equipment of components and systems with metrology
  • Conversions of test vehicles
  • Documentation of the test setup
  • Implementation of component and system tests
  • Participation in international trials
  • Analysis of defects
  • Creation and verification of test reports